Emco Asis washbasin boards, storage boards, WC modules

Emco Asis bathroom furniture is clever daily helper paired with perfect design. Equipped with various storage options, they not only make daily care easier, they also bring order and design to your bathroom. For example, Emco Asis washbasins are particularly popular thanks to their clever drawer layout. These can be selected with or without washbasin in round or oval form, in black or white and with different classification systems. Emco Asis storage boards also have practical drawers and score points due to their safety glass, which allows you to use them without worrying about scratches and discoloration. Decide for yourself whether you need the washbasin and storage boards with a width of 80 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm. Even Emco Asis toilet modules, behind which toilet brush, toilet paper and waste elegantly disappear in the wall, are enjoying increasing popularity.

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  1. Emco Asis Einbaurahmen 975000051 811mm
    Emco Asis mounting frame 975000051 811mm
    instead of €175.57 **
    -56% You're saving €98.67
    Incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
    In Stock delivery time: 1-3 working days
    Shipping Cost Points: 200
  2. Emco Asis Einbaurahmen 972500021 für Module mit einer Einbauhöhe von 344 mm
    Emco Asis installation frame 972500021 for Module with an installation height of 344 mm
    instead of €134.91 **
    -57% You're saving €77.02
    Incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
    Available for order delivery time: 10-28 working days
    Shipping Cost Points: 150
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