TECEplanus Urinal TECEplanus Urinal 9242355
  • Item number 9242355
  • white silk matt
  • electronics
  • Electronics Urinal 12 V network
    Fine assembly set for non-contact infrared flushing equipment
  • suitable for TECE urinal TECE housing U 2000
  • applicable from minimum 1930 , 5 bar
    Rinse time
  • water-saving break function
  • Cleaning mode
  • Pre-rinse and hygienic rinse adjustable
  • Solenoid valve with large dirt filter
  • Mains operation via external transformer 230/12 V (not included in the scope of delivery)
  • screwable metal cover with sensor field
  • Fastening material
  • Programming key

Technical Data

Technical Data
Material Kunststoff
color/ surface White
product class Urinal electronics
series TECEplanus
Supply voltage 12 V
Control type Infrared
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