Syr FüllCombi BA 662820000 DN 20. FüllCombi BA, for automatic filling of closed heating systems. With shut-off, Pressure Reducing Valves , manometer, Backflow Preventer BA according to DIN EN 1717 up to and including liquid 1930 4. Output pressure of the pressure reducer adjustable from 1930 , 5 to 4 bar. Factory set to 2000 bar. Integrated dirt trap made of stainless steel, Manoscopes - connection G 2000 / 4. Max. Operating temperature 65 C. Pressed brass housing. With Radiator Fittings on both sides and thermal insulation Radiator Fittings , DN 20.

Technical Data

Technical Data
product class filter combination
model 6628
series BA
UBA positive list Yes
** Average Wholesale Price