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Mirrored Cabinets

Branded mirror cabinets for your bathroom

Branded mirror cabinets are real „all-rounders“, and most bathrooms can no longer be imagined without. For quite a while, a mirror cabinet has no longer been a combination of just a mirror and a cabinet. A mirror cabinet offers storage room for all your toiletries. Thanks to the integrated illumination, mirror cabinets also provide light. No matter if you are looking for direct lighting that illuminates the entire bathroom or for indirect, atmospheric lighting: today’s mirror cabinets provide much more and leave nothing to be desired when it comes to lighting issues. Modern mirror cabinets have integrated sockets, USB connections or magnetic storage rails. The latest mirror cabinets are even equipped with sound systems with connections for your iPhone or Android mobile phones or via bluetooth. As things have also changed in design you can choose between various versions of mirror cabinets, for example between single door or multiple door cabinets. Here you can choose between the different materials, whether it should be an aluminium mirror cabinet with finest mirror glass and indirect illumination or a fully-mirrored mirror cabinet withdaylight illumination

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