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Danfoss radiator thermostats, thermostatic heads, radiator accessories

“It is a real comfort when you don’t even feel the room temperature.” This is one of Danfoss’ main principles when it comes to manufacturing thermostatic heads. Only the right room temperature makes the living room feel cosy. At Skybad.de you will find a whole range of different Danfoss thermostatic heads for your radiator. With thermostats from Danfoss you can reduce your energy consumption, reduce your energy costs and protect the environment. Danfoss Thermostats can do more as they are equipped with an anti-freeze protection and can be controlled with a built-in sensors or remote sensors. Temperatures can be limited or blocked in order to easily set a comfortable room temperature. In this category you will also find Danfoss valve housings, Danfoss valve insert sets, Danfoss disassembly sockets as well as Danfoss stuffing box.

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