Helios MV 100 B Helios fan

  • Item number: 6051
  • MV 100 B Multivent duct fan 1-PH.
  • Swing-out tubular fan with high pressure and volume output
  • for space-saving installation in the pipe run
  • Impact and corrosion-resistant plastic housing
  • Color light gray
  • with molded mounting bracket for easy Plumbing on the wall or ceiling, as well as intake and exhaust ports that correspond to the standard pipe diameters.
  • By loosening the clamps, the fan unit with terminal box can be rotated into any position and removed for maintenance and Cleaning and Filtration
  • Delivery including dowels and Screws
  • Semi-axial impeller
  • eight spatially curved blades made of thermoplastic.
  • Vibration-free running due to dynamic balancing according to quality level G 6.3 VDI 2060 and DIN ISO 1940.
  • Closed, ball-bearing capacitor motor with moisture protection,
  • Insulation class F, for continuous operation.
  • Maintenance and radio interference free.
  • Motor protection through thermal overload protection in the winding.

Technical Data

Technical Data
color/ surface White
size 100 mm
product class fan
model MV
Dimension 1 MV 100 B
Supply voltage 230 V
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