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Grundfos Unilift CC 5 A1 cellar drainage pump • article no. 96280966 • 1 x 230V • 0,24 kW • with shockproof plug and 10 m power line • single-level waste water pump for waste water without long-fibre components • corrosion-resistant combination of composite and stainless steel with cooling jacket and vertical pressure joints • ready for operation with carrying handle • self-venting • removable suction strainer for flat intake • power cable with safety plug and float switch • including non-return valve and adaptor, graded on 1” and 1 ¼ “ for portable application • S1 operation S1 Betrieb with the motor in non-immersed state by motor casing cooling • Intermittent service >20 switching cycles per hour in non-immersed sate • Flat intake up to 3 mm water level without additional parts • Submersible motor with integrated thermal switch used as motor protection against dry run and blockage • Humidity protection by hermetical encapsulation • Permanent grease lubricated ball bearings • Sealing on the wetted side with double radial shaft seals with ceramic sleeve for longer service life • Simple radial shaft seal towards the motor • Intermediate barrier chamber with special grease for dry-run protection • Power cable and float switch cable with hermetic seal towards the motor • Adjustable switching positions via float switch fixing on the handle • Self-venting for safe start in case of dried fallen pump sump

Technical Data

Technical Data
color/ surface schwarz
limestone Mit Kalkschutz


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