Busch Jaeger Dimmer 40-420W / VA 6513 U-102. Busch- Dimmer ® insert with rotary actuation, pressure sequence changeover switch and soft detent, with phase cut. For incandescent lamps, 230 V halogen lamps and low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformers. Low noise, short circuit proof, overload protected. Without central disc. Nominal voltage: 230 V ~, +10% / -10%, nominal frequency: 50 Hz, nominal power: 40 - 420 W / VA Not suitable for package and toroidal transformers., Illuminated by glow lamp. Glow lamp comes with the central disk., With electronic transformers ~ 5% transformer losses into account., For use with terminal block for power circuit breaker components., Also with AC circuits. Only in conjunction with standard flush Device Boxes according to DIN 49073, Part 2000 assemble, or Busch-Jaeger Art . -No.3040 concealed Junction Box masonry, 3050 Junction Box cavity wall or 3060 Junction Box concrete) Order number: 6513- 1930 -0568, item number: 6513 U-102, EA number: 4011395631003.
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