SFA - Sanibroy SaniCondens Best 0031

for connection to condensate and expansion water with neutralization.

This new type of condensate pump finds its very special set wherever there is a duty to neutralize the resulting condensate for combustion plants (oil or gas) with increased nominal heat outputs (over 25 - 200 KW). With the SaniCondens Best, the acidic condensate first enters a chamber filled with lime granulate and is neutralized there. From here it runs into the tank of the condensate pump underneath, from where it is reliably transported into the sewage system.

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Technical Data

Technical Data
color/ surface weiss
length 27,9
width 301 mm
depth 190 mm
height 260 mm
product class Condensate lifting system
model SaniCondens order
Max. Head 4.5 m
Supply voltage 230 V
Motor power consumed (P1) 0.6 W.
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