poresta systems Poresta match2 Slot shower surface horizontal drain, tile profile 22m
Item number: 20000256
  • Slot tile Slot 22
  • 1200x1200x65
  • Waterproof, coated hard foam shower element for moderate and high moisture loads - can be used at floor level according to the ZDB leaflet, wheelchair accessible, with double-sided slot drainage completely against the wall, factory-sealed sealing tape on both inner sides of sliding grate frames and tile profiles for different wall covering thicknesses from 7 to 23mm
  • removable corner tile for inspection purposes on the drain element with integrated slope of approx. 2000 , 1930 %.

Technical Data

Technical Data
length 1200 mm
width 1200 mm
depth 6,5
height 65 mm
product class shower element
series Slot
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