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Freestanding baths

Villeroy and Boch freestanding bath tub

Considered alone, a free-standing bath tub in the bathroom a commitment to wellness and livability. Moreover, a free-standing bath tub by Villeroy and Boch enchants with its special design diversity and its unique design possibilities. You have a choice of numerous shapes and designs. Here you will certainly find the free-standing bath tub that fits perfectly into your bathroom. Here you can choose comfortably between a square free-standing bath tub, a round free-standing bath tub or an oval free-standing bath tub. And be sure, whether you opt for a free-standing bath tub by Villeroy und Boch My Nature, Villeroy & Boch La Belle, Villeory and Boch Hommage Royal, Villeroy and Boch Loop & Friends or Villeroy Boch Aveo, every single bath tub is for a detached Villeroy und Boch My Nature, Villeroy und Boch La Belle bath, Villeroy und Boch, every bath is first choice.

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  1. Villeroy Boch La Belle Badewanne 1800 x 800 1800 x 800 star white freistehend BQ180LAB2PDV96
    Villeroy & Boch Bath La Belle UBQ180LAB2PDV-96 1800 x 800 x 500 mm Star White Freestanding
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