Connect Freedom

Ideal Standard Connect Freedom XL bathroom ceramics

With Connect Freedom, plumbing manufacturer Ideal Standard has designed a series that meets the needs of older and handicapped people without having to compromise on the appearance of the products. Ideal Standard Connect Freedom toilets are designed to be barrier-free and, thanks to their height of 46 cm, make sitting and getting up easy. The Ideal Standard Connect Freedom XL Stand and Wall Toilets have extra-wide seats. The matching Connect Freedom XL toilet seats are available with or without soft-close function. You can also choose from the eco-friendly toilets, which have a water consumption of just 4.5 liters per flush, rimless models. The Ideal Standard Connect Freedom basins are available with and without overflow and offer the advantage that they are available in two widths: one in 60 cm and one in 80 cm for more storage space.

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