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Geberit Sigma 80 dual fush plate Articleno.: 116090SG1 - touchless flush release - manual, touchless flush release - flush plate without mechanical flush buttons - flush buttons identifiable by light bars - button illumination can be set in five colours - self-calibrating electrical lifting device - low-noise lifting mechanism - electrical power supply via power supply unit - operation with extra-low voltage – no mains voltage in the cistern - plug connection with cross-polarity protection - button illumination activated when approached - infra-red user detection - self-calibrating infra-red control - infra-red detection with background fade-out - flush actuation possible via external push-button - setting and interrogation option with Geberit Service Handy - flush actuation can be deactivated using Geberit Clean Handy - flush actuation can be manually deactivated for cleaning - minimum detection time can be set - initial flush can be set - repeat flush can be set - automatic flush actuation can be activated - easy maintenance and cleaning - easy installation and servicing - minimum wall thickness 20 mm Including: - flush plate - mounting frames - cradle with servo motor and lifting device, pre-mounted - fastening material excluded: - power supply unit 115861001 - to be ordered separately

Technical Data

Technical Data
color/ surface schwarz
Material Glas
mensp13 Zwei-Mengenspülung


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