Order Process

How to Order Guide - Skybad.de

1. Cart

Select the articles you want to buy by clicking the button “Add to cart” on the respective side. In that way your chosen product is listed in your cart without obligation.
You can view the content of your cart by clicking the button “cart” and amend your choice at any time until the order is completed. By clicking “Remove” you can to delete an article from your cart and you can also cancel the order process completely.
If you want to continue with your order of the listed articles in the cart please click the button “proceed to checkout” which leads you to the next step of the order process. 


In case you already have a customer account please login with email address and your password. If not please register as a new customer. Your personal data will be collected, processed and used while observing legal data protection regulations (see Data Protection notice). You can also register as guest, but in this case you are not able to view your order process or the delivery status due to technical reasons.
By clicking the button “Continue” the order process will proceed.

3. Invoice and delivery address

Please check your invoice and delivery address now. Clicking the button “continue” again leads you to the next step.

4. Shipping method

Now you can select your shipping method. You have the choice for standard and express shipment (only in case of parcel-sized articles). Depending on the shipment method the usual costs might increase. Further information on shipping costs can be found here: Shipment.
By clicking the "Continue" button will lead you to the next step.

5. Payment

Among the payment methods you can choose direct transfer, cash on delivery (only in case of orders up to 1,000€ and shipment within Germany), prepayment, credit card or PayPal. Please note that in case of cash on delivery an additional fee of 7,90€ is charged by the deliverer locally. For further details on payment please see: Payment.
By clicking the button “continue” you are going on to the next step.

6. Completion of the order process / General terms and conditions and notice of cancellation

Now you get an overview of all your entries (choice of article, delivery and invoice address, your account details). Please check the accuracy of all your entries and read the General terms and conditions and the Notice of cancellation carefully. It is possible to print these documents for your files. You are only able to continue your order if you agree with the General terms and conditions and the Notice of cancellation by ticking the corresponding checkbox. You can leave us a message for your order in the corresponding box.
By clicking the button “Buy “ your order of the goods in your cart becomes binding.